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07-Feb-2010 ShoroukNews Web Syndication Framework

TEData gets content through ShoroukNews Web Syndication Framework, Web syndication is a form of sending data in which website material is made available to other multiple sites.
Now ShoroukNews' digital content is available for sale.

01-Jul-2009 CLIP solutions launches the new "Dar El Shorouk" website

ClipSolutions launched the new "Dar El Shorouk" website and ShoroukNews publishes an article about it
Dar El Shorouk is one of the leading Egyptian book publishing houses in the Arab world ; check the latest releases and best-sellers in the categories of literature, arts, heritage, history, economics, and children’s books. Follow u with the news of Dar El Shorouk, and register to receive a periodical up-to-date list of news and updates in Dar El Shorouk, to check up the website please follow the following link :

08-Apr-2009 CLIP solutions internal website update

CLIP Solutions updated its website and the new one has just been published.

01-Feb-2009 CLIP solutions launches Shorouk News website

ShoroukNews is one of the biggest web portals that represent the up-to-date news in a unified way and provides a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications such as news, weather and information.

The Website is being administrated by Shorouk Newspaper agency, where Shorouk Newspaper is the lastest addition to the newspaper market of independant press in Egypt .

To know more about the website check it up by visiting :


25-Jul-2008 CLIP solutions launches Fizo website

CLIP solutions has just launched the website of Fizo, a character created by Waleed Taher the famous painter in one of his series of stories for kids.

The purpose of this stories sharing website is to help children enhance their reading and communication skills through imagination and playing.

Visit Fizo's Website here :


15-Mar-2008 CLIP solutions launches Future Foundation website

CLIP Solutions, one of the sponsors of Future Foundation has been chosen to create and publish the Future Foundation's website whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of new and existing low-income urban and underprivileged areas in Egypt.

The Future Foundation was established in 1998 by Mr. Gamal Mubarak and 14 other businessmen, to know more about it visit Future Foundation's website here :


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