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As a proud affiliate of the largest publishing house in Egypt and the Middle East, Dar El Shorouk, CLIP provides Electronic publishing services providing publishers with a complete solution that starts from conversion of paper books in any language to electronic format.

CLIP supports electronic publishing in almost all languages, especially Arabic, producing Electronic Books (eBooks) that could be read on both Microsoft Reade and Adobe Reader. Once the eBooks are created, CLIP works on packaging the eBooks applying the latest in Digital Rights Management (DRM) for secure distribution, hence avoiding illegal copying and/or redistribution .In addition, CLIP can also deploy its web development and e-commerce expertise to provide publishers with the perfect environment for eBooks sales.

CLIP Contributes in Frankfurt Book Fair (October 2004)

CLIP Solutions contributed in Frankfurt Book Fair in year 2004 as being part of Dar El Shorouk, our contribution was represented in developing a Bilingual CD listing bibliographic data about 10,000 Arabic titles. The CD provided simple and advanced search functionalities. In addition to the CD, CLIP also produced the same Arabic books database in high-quality print format as a paper directory.

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